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Holotek company carries out fire safety emergency drill
Reading:2221     Date:2020-6-23

On the morning of June 22, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and the flowers were blooming.A sudden whistling over the factory area broke the quiet of the morning - the assembled bugle had already sounded.Staff of all departments from the office building, production workshop, canteen, each floor quickly gathered to the basketball court.The fire safety emergency drill activities of Holotek company in 2020 safety production month started.

The fire safety emergency drill is divided into six parts。

Emergency evacuation drill for employees;

Explain the use method and precautions of the demonstration fire hydrant;

Operation of fire hose deployment and connection with fire hydrant;

Explain the use method and precautions of the demonstration fire extinguisher;

Operate fire-fighting equipment;

At the drill site of workshop and warehouse, workshop supervisor, safety management personnel and security personnel shall act as commentators to publicize fire fighting knowledge to employees.

The drill improved the emergency rescue organization ability and handling ability of employees to deal with emergencies.In the event of an accident, employees can quickly take effective measures, organize the implementation of emergency rescue, prevent the expansion of the accident and reduce the loss caused by the accident.

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